The 24 Kt. Green Garden Club has selected the Azalea as our featured plant of the week.  Shown here are two varieties that are dramatically different in color and shape. From the delicate beauty of the Iveryana with white to pink petals that are freckled with purple to the dynamic Mission Bell that is sure to brighten any landscape, you can find an Azalea that is right for your garden.

These plants are now referred to by botanists as Rhododendrons however most know them as Azaleas. Whatever name you use they will provide outstanding bloom in spring and summer. Azaleas are acid loving plants that do best when planted with peat moss, leaf mold or Azalea mix in well-drained soil. Plants in this group generally prefer morning sun or partial shade with ample water. It is best to plant them slightly elevated to avoid puddling at the crown.

Depending on variety chosen, climate tolerance is between zone 5 (-10 to 20 F) to zone 9 (30 to 20 F). With over 50 types to chose from you will be able to find one that will fit your needs. The Garden Club also points out that in the right setting Azaleas are almost maintenance free and will provide you with years of spring and summer blooms.

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